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Places to visit in Guadalajara.

The best places to visit in Guadalajara. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The best things to do in Guadalajara. Discover all the great places to visit in Guadalajara. Guadalajara is a city in western Mexico. It’s known for tequila and mariachi music.

Guadalajara has several known places that you have to visit. Know what to visit in Guadalajara Jalisco. Here you will know some tourist points that you can visit during your stay in Guadalajara

Places to visit in Guadalajara. Discover what to see in Guadalajara , its most popular places to visit: Guadalajara Zoo, Expiatory Temple of the Blessed Sacrament, Regional Museum of Guadalajara, Guadalajara Cathedral, Jalisco Stadium, Telmex Auditorium. Guadalajara is one of the most interesting cities in Mexico .

Part is due to its magnificent colonial legacy , part of its vibrant culture . Today we tell you everything you need to know about this magnificent destination.

Guadalajara Capital of Tourism

Tourism in Guadalajara

One of the most interesting aspects of the city of Guadalajara is its architecture that can be well considered as historical heritage . Especially we recognize the influence of the Spanish conquest , the strong presence of colonial architectural elements.

Architecture and Tourism in Guadalajara they developed in a very particular way and with a marked style of their own. It is based on an aesthetic that combines the Spanish past, the colonial influence, that we can see in many of the buildings in downtown Guadalajara .

But at the same time it has a more modern style of architecture, which makes the contemporary style particular. Many churches date back to the 18th century and have a unique charm that is preserved in their facades and interior decoration. It is worth visiting them. Even the smallest ones have a fascinating charm.

The best tourist places of Guadalajara

Eating in Guadalajara

One of the best places to try the best typical foods of Guadalajara is the market of San Juan de Dios . Here we can taste the local birrias or cakes drowned, for example.

Many local restaurants offer excellent typical dishes such as pozole, for example.

One of the attractions of eating in Guadalajara is the typical drink of Mexico : tequila . Just not far from the center of Guadalajara we can visit the town of Tequila , where this drink originally comes from.

Tourism in Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area tourism

Parks of Guadalajara

Guadalajara also has numerous parks and forests that are ideal for a walk or a picnic.

Places to visit in Guadalajara
Palace of the Infantado
Parish Church of San Andrés
Parish of El Salvador
The Barranco de la Hoz
Cathedral of Our Lady of Sigüenza
Molina de Aragón


Tips and useful information to visit Guadalajara

Official language : Spanish Religion : mostly Catholic Emergency telephone numbers: 066 and 070 for citizen service. In case of problems or emergencies it is always recommended to go to the embassy or consulate of your country of origin. Tourist Information of Guadalajara . Travel offer.

Tourism in Guadalajara