United States map

USA Map  with states and capitals.

As you can see in the USA Map  with states and capitals, the United States is a country with 50 states and occupy a large part of North America.

In the USA Map we can see that Alaska is in the northwest and Hawaii in the Pacific.

It can also be observed in this Map of the United States with states and capitals that the main cities of the Atlantic coast are New York, a global financial and cultural center, and the capital, Washington, DC. The metropolis of Chicago in the Midwest is known for its influential architecture. Hollywood, on the west coast, based in Los Angeles, is a famous place in the film industry.

New York Map .  Boston Map,Chicago Neighborhoods Map, Atlanta Map, Miami Map, Houston Map, Las Vegas Map, Washington DC Map, Dallas Map, Orlando Map, Tampa Map, San Diego, Los Angeles Map,San Francisco Map, Denver Map, New Orleans Map.

In this map of the United States we can see where each of the 50 states in which it is divided is located, where its capital is located and which cities are the most important. In addition, we can find in the Map of the United States the countries with which it has borders such as Mexico and Canada.

United States  coloring map.

map de united states for coloring

In this USA coloring map , which is on your right, you can print, mark, cut and color the states of the United States.

To learn the map of the United States you have this alternative that allows you to print it in PDF format. You can simply click on the image and it will take you

to the PDF file.

Learn and know the map of NYC with its tourist attractions, we also have an Europe Countries Map, which is very interesting and educational,

USA Map States and Capitals without names.


Map of United States without names to learn all the States. Download now the image of the United States State Map Color Without Name. Just click on the image on the right and you will see a PDF file that you can print.

Map of the United States without names to print, this map will help you to memorize and remember the location and names of all the states and capitals of the United States.

In Spanish, the use of North America as an abbreviated form of the name of the United States is not acceptable, nor should America be used to refer exclusively to the United States.

List of 50 States with Capital and Largest Cities

Estado Capital Largest Cities
Alabama Montgomery Birmingham
Alaska Juneau Anchorage
Arizona Phoenix Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock Little Rock
California Sacramento Los Angeles
Colorado Denver Denver
Connecticut Hartford Bridgeport
Delaware Dover Wilmington
Florida Tallahassee Jacksonville
Georgia Atlanta Atlanta
Hawaii Honolulu Honolulu
Idaho Boise Boise
Illinois Springfield Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis Indianapolis
Iowa Des Moines Des Moines
Kansas Topeka Wichita
Kentucky Frankfort Louisville
Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans
Maine Augusta Portland
Maryland Annapolis Baltimore
Massachusetts Boston Boston
Michigan Lansing Detroit
Minnesota St. Paul Minneapolis
Mississippi Jackson Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City Kansas City
Montana Helena Billings
Nebraska Lincoln Omaha
Nevada Carson City Las Vegas
New Hampshire Concord Manchester
New Jersey Trenton Newark
New Mexico Santa Fe Albuquerque
New York Albany New York City
North Carolina Raleigh Charlotte
North Dakota Bismarck Fargo
Ohio Columbus Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Oregon Salem Portland
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Philadelphia
Rhode Island Providence Providence
South Carolina Columbia Columbia
South Dakota Pierre Sioux Falls
Tennessee Nashville Memphis
Texas Austin Houston
Utah Salt Lake City Salt Lake City
Vermont Montpelier Burlington
Virginia Richmond Virginia Beach
Washington Olympia Seattle
West Virginia Charleston Charleston
Wisconsin Madison Milwaukee
Wyoming Cheyenne Cheyenne

United States political map

  • United States of America
  • Official name: United States of America (USA)
  • Capital: Washington (38º53’N, 77º02’W)
  • Surface: 9 million 843 thousand km²
  • Population: 312 million 071.3 thousand people. (as of August 26, 2011)
  • Racial composition of the population: 80.1% are white (13.7% are considered “Latino”), 12.8% are African-American, 4.4% are Asian Mongolians, 1% are Indian and the rest are considered different races and their mixtures.
  • State language: English, recently many official documents are also issued in Spanish without legislative recognition of this practice.
    The most common languages: in everyday life, 80.6% of the population speaks only English, 19.4% speak other languages: 62% is Spanish, 4.4% is in Chinese, 2.7% is in French, 2.7% it is in Tagalog 7, 2.2% in Vietnamese and German, 1.9% in Korean, 1.5% in Italian, 1.6% in Russian, 1.3% in Arabic and Portuguese, 1.2% in Polish .
  • State system: a federal republic of 50 states and the District of Columbia
    Head of State and Government: President, elected by a delegate electoral college for each state for 4 years.
  • Parliament: a bicameral congress formed by the House of Representatives (commonly known as congress, 435 deputies “congressmen”, elected by direct vote for a period of 2 years) and the Senate (100 senators: from each state by universal suffrage 2 members each one 6 years, 1/3 of the senators are elected every 2 years).

50 States and Capitals of the United States of America

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