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Places to visit in Miami (2) -The best of Miami – What to see, where to go im Miami
The best of Miami

Places to visit in Miami (2) -The best of Miami – What to see, where to go im Miami

The best of Miami

Check out the best of Miami amid the hottest time of year. Get recommendations on the top Miami attractions, the best things to do in Miami, the top sights for an amazing experience!

What to see, where to go im Miami

What to see, where to go, from free attractions to budget-friendly accommodations, the best places to see and things to do in Miami with its perfect weather.

Places to visit in Miami.

Places to visit in Miami are divided into four regions – North, South, East and West. The center of the city is the center of the financial district. On the other side of Biscayne Bay, is South Beach which is the place occupied by tourists. Northwest of the city is famous for its hospitals and research institutes.

Almost all of South Miami is a historical district of Coconut Grove, which is also one of the oldest in the city and to the North of downtown live mostly latinos. Then described in detail the main areas of Miami.

Places to visit in Miami, Miami Beach

Sandy Beach in Miami Beach. A place active 24 hours a day. Miami Beach never sleeps. There are most of the hotels of luxury, night clubs, restaurants and casinos. Places to visit Miami Beach [/caption] the small town SPA was founded in 1915 in an artificial barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the own Miami.

In 1926, Miami Beach was almost completely destroyed by the enormous hurricane that killed 372 people. Since then, the area has been subject to a lot of changes.

Since the 1930’s, this area was a cause of significant interest from the rich. Many millionaires began to build their mansions in Miami Beach, South Beach were built many hotels in the style of Art Deco. 80 years have passed, and the Miami Beach has become one of the richest areas of Miami, whose population has increased to 87,000 people, more than half of the population speaks Spanish.

Attraction of Miami Beach

The main attraction of Miami Beach–a great sandy beach, spread over 10 km along the coast. Along the coast there are buildings and high-rise hotels, is also home to celebrities from all over the world.

Here everyone will find something to do from surfing to a cafe with live music in the style of rock and roll. A stay in Miami, and not immersed in the atmosphere of a perpetual party in Miami Beach is impossible.

The coast of Miami Beach, in turn, is divided into several parts, namely:

Places to visit in Miami, South Beach

All the most important events in Miami Beach are taking place in South Beach, which is the southern end of the city. The stunning beach is surrounded by buildings of the Art Deco style, trendy shops, restaurants and hotels. This area of the coast of Miami Beach is considered the most favorable for water sports.

Developed the surfing, diving, sailing. South Beach is the true Center of Miami Beach, while geographically it is not so. You will understand everything immediately upon arrival to the city.

Places to visit in Miami, Mid-Beach [caption id = “attachment_10912” align = “alignleft” width = “300”South beach miami] south-beach-miami [/caption] the central part of Miami Beach, called the Mid-Beach, famous for its long sandy beach, where there are fewer people than South Beach. Hotels are much cheaper, restaurants and nightlife are not as developed.

All this makes the Mid Beach location best suited for a relaxing family holiday.

Places to visit in Miami, North Beach

The part North of Miami Beach, North Beach is the main beach of the island until the end. This area is also quieter than the South, but even more popular than the Mid-Beach. Here it is located of the local population, accustomed to a rest in the sea. Tourists also are attracted by North Beach for its good prices per night in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and shops.

Places to visit in Miami, City Centre, Down Town

The area is geographically located in the heart of Miami’s in Biscayne Bay. It is the cultural, financial and commercial center. Here is the headquarters of many companies well known, museums, parks, and educational institutions, banks, courts, theatres, as well as different types of shops large and small. Since the early 2000s, the area began to develop at an accelerated pace in the past ten years, large number of skyscrapers have been built. Area is prospering with each passing year, the population grows, the Center becomes a kind of “Manhattan” of Miami”.  Many buildings establishes observation platforms from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. In the Centre of the city there are several parks, the most popular of them – Bayfront and Bicentennial Park. Every day, these green parks, are visited by many people, simply by organizing a picnic on the lawn.

Places to visit in Miami, little Havana

Today, little Havana is the main area of the Cuban population of Miami. It was founded in the 1960’s to accommodate the immigrants from Cuba. . Little Havana is famous for its museums and theaters in Latin America. Here is the Carnival of Calle Ocho Cuban. Places to visit in Miami, Coconut Grove. The area that is South of the city.  There are a lot of festivals and carnivals, such as the arts festival, feast of wine and the Junkanoo parade. Travelers may be interested in what is Coconut Grove, a zone of nightclubs, restaurants and similar establishments. It is not a fun place like «Cocowalk» – a large leisure centre with shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Places to visit in Miami, Key Biscayne Key Biscayne

A celestial Green Island, which is about six miles from the continental part of Miami. Every year on holiday they come here to Hollywood celebrities and the rich simply. In nearly all the territory of this small island find amusement parks, hotels and beaches.

Key Biscayne [/caption] one of the main attractions of Key Biscayne is the old lighthouse, which has 170 years old. It is also popular aquarium where you can see dolphin and sea lion shows.

The island is literally immersed in Palm trees, parks and areas for skating and cycling. If you want another type of relaxation, then directs route to the island.

Places to visit in Miami, Watson Island

A small island in the area of 0.73 square kilometres was established in 1926. It was named in honor of John Watson, Mayor of Miami in 1912 – 1915 years. On this island there is a children’s Museum, Jungle Island, Japanese garden and a yacht club. Located on the island within walking distance of downtown Miami, Biscayne Bay.

Places to visit in Miami, Virginia

Key Island barrier, which lies south of Miami Beach.  Its main attractions, the Aquarium and the University of Miami. The island is a large park, surrounded by trees. It has developed a large number of paths and cycle tracks.

Places to visit in Miami, Brickell

Which flows gently from the Centre, is one of the main financial centers of Florida. The typical landscape of Brickell, looking toward the sky, find high-rise buildings, with offices of many well-known companies. Hotels are quite expensive due to their guests and are generally considered to be the rich people who live in Brickell with business.

There in Brickell and Brickell Key Island, where you can rent a luxury or to settle in the hotel property. The island has its own Park on the shore of the Bay, and some expensive restaurants.

Places to visit in Miami, Upper East Side El Upper East Side is almost the entire territory of the northern coast of the city. East Side, in turn, is divided into smaller blocks, by area and is less than one square kilometer. This area is famous for its architecture style MiMo (Miami modern architecture).   Near the Sea began to build hotels and restaurants, the main part of the area has single family homes.  Miami’s Upper East Side is considered a sleeping area, so it is not tourists area. The district has numerous public schools, parks and libraries.

Places to visit in Miami, Winwood.

Famous area of Miami, which lies just to the North of the city centre. And it is famous for the fact that there are a large number of art galleries, designer shops, as well as art festivals. One of the main features Winwood. a wall, painted in all colors of the Rainbow artists contemporary.

These large concentrations of graffiti will never find anywhere else in the world. Local artists have represented nearly all buildings Winwood, which distinguishes it from other areas of the city and places it in a special place.

Places to visit in Miami, little Haiti the little Haiti.

Immigrants from Haiti are here more than one sixty per cent. Visit this part of the city, you can meet the Haitian culture. You can, for example, visit Haiti Museum of art or the Museum of the heritage of Haiti. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes