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Map of Peru – Peru cities – Peru travel guide
The National Flag of Peru

Map of Peru – Peru cities – Peru travel guide

With the Map of Peru you can find all travel information and the Map of Peru is the best place to discover the most popular Peru cities. with a fantastic Peru travel guide.

Map of Peru.

Map of Peru and travel information for plan your trip around Peru with the interactive map of Peru. With the Map of Peru you can explore cities, roads, airports, rivers and points of interest. Map of Peru is a searchable Map with Satellite View of Peru.

Peru cities.

Peru cities: Discover the most popular Peru cities in terms of foreign visitors. The majority of the population of just over 29 million lives in Peru cities. While traveling in Peru you can find Peru cities. Knowing the distance between Peru cities

Peru cities:

List of Peru cities with distance in kilometers.

Peru cities                              Distance
Lima to Arequipa                                                         765 km
Callao to Trujillo                                                          486 km
Chiclayo to Iquitos                                                       803 km
Huancayo to Piura                                                       969 km
Cusco to Pucallpa                                                         638 km
Tacna to Ica                                                                    731 km
Huanuco to Ayacucho                                                  421 km
Cajamarca to Puno                                                      1335 km
Tumbes to Huaraz                                                         737 km
Cerro de Pasco to Abancay                                          493 km
Huacho to Moquegua                                                   988 km
Moyobamba to Huancavelica                                      782 km
Puerto Maldonado to Chachapoyas                           1186 km

Peru travel guide

Peru travel guide have all information to make your vacation easy. With the Peru travel guide find the main destinations, attractions, activities, offers, and more. With the Peru travel guide you can find your next holiday destination.

Political Map of Peru Department map

Political Map of Peru Department map: map with 24 departments of Peru, the capital is lima, 24 departments and 1 constitutional province (Callao), their names are: Lima, Arequipa, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Amazonas, Ancash, Apurimac, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco, Huancavelica, Huanuco, Ica, Junín, Loreto, Madre de Dios, Moquegua, Pasco, Puno, San Martin, Tacna, Tumbes, Ucayali. Map of Peru with the Peru satellite map and geo-political division.

Map of Peru coloring

Map of Peru for print

Map of Peru for print

Map of Peru for print. Map of Peru for print in the following map of Peru are the departments and their capitals. The Peru is located south of the equator, in the central western part of South America, within the tropical zone in the southern hemisphere the eight natural regions of Peru between the natural regions have:

Region Chala or Coast Region Yunga.

Quechua region. Region Suni or Jalca.

Region Puna or Jalca Region Janca or Cordillera

Region Rupa Rupa or Selva Alta Region Omagua or low jungle.



Geographical map of Peru

Map of the Peru Department

Know the politician of the Peru map, physical map and the Peru policy departments and its provinces, the political map of the Peru and its provinces represented the political demarcation of the Peru, i.e. departments, its provinces and capitals.

A political map is different from a physical map because the latter are those that divide a country in provinces.

Geographical map of Peru

The geographical map of Peru. The Peru is a country located in the Western region of South America. geographical map of the Peru coast mountains and jungle.


The Peru maps: Geopolitical map departments maps and maps of the destinies of the Peru specialized interest. Here you will find maps and geographical data of the Peru.0.

Distances between cities in Peru political map of Peru with provinces, departments and regions. Meet the 24 departments and the constitutional province of Callao

Tourist map of Peru.

Tourist map of Peru with information of the main destinations for tourism in the Peru. Tourist map of Peru with information necessary to know the different tourist places of the Peru

In the political map of Peru, you can know how Peru is divided: in 24 departments and the constitutional province of Callao. In addition, its territory is divided into 8 regions and 12 political regions.

With the political map of Peru, you can observe that Peru borders to the North with Ecuador and Colombia, on the East by Brazil, on the southeast of Bolivia, on the South by Chile, and . • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes