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Colombia map – Colombia travel – Colombia tourism – Columbia country
Colombia map

Colombia map – Colombia travel – Colombia tourism – Columbia country

Colombia map with information, tips and advice for Colombia travel. Here you can find all you need for Colombia tourism. Columbia country is full of magic.

Colombia map

Colombia map and travel information about this country. You can explore your trip around Colombia with the Colombia map and find all details. A Colombia map for travellers and visitors.

Colombia travel

Colombia travel with tips and advice on things to do, and to see, you can find ways to save money, with Colombia travel. You should write Colombia travel at the top of your wishes list.

Colombia tourism.

Find valuable information about Colombia tourism, one of the most diverse and scenic destinations. Colombia Tourism information about popular tourist destinations in Colombia. Colombia tourism broght in record $5.7 billion USD in foreign visitors.

Columbia country

Columbia country is characterized not only by its natural diversity, but also by its natural resources, geography, multiculturalism and multi-raciality. In Columbia country there is much to visit and know, culture, nature, architecture and an endless number of traditions that forge a place full of magic and charm. Columbia country

Map of Colombia with its limits

In the map of Colombia with its limits we can see two sets of limits: the natural and political. The natives are those imposed by nature and which define the geographical area of the country. These North: the Caribbean Sea. South: the rainforests of the Amazon and the Andes mountains. West: the Pacific Ocean and the isthmus of Panama. And the East: the plains of the Orinoco.

Map of Colombia with departments

The map of Colombia consists of 32 departments and one Capital District where Bogotá, which is the capital of the Republic. Map of Colombia with departments.

Map with the political divisions (departments) of Colombia

Map of Colombia with its limits

Map of Colombia with its limits

on the map of Colombia with its limits we can observe these political boundaries are determined by agreements and treated between the Governments of two (or more) countries and which delimit the sovereignty of the country on certain territories.  Colombia for being bi-oceanic country possesses both borders on its Mainland and in its maritime part

Map of Colombia

Refer to the map of Colombia and find the most interesting places of this beautiful country.  Get the best route by car to reach its destination in Colombia map of Colombia. Locate on the map of Colombia departments capitals, major cities and the geopolitical division of Colombia.

Tourist map of Colombia.

Plan your vacation to Colombia with the tourist map of Colombia. Information for tourism in Colombia. Road maps of the main roads and routes of Colombia, Arauca, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Cali, Bogotá, Manizales, Medellin, Pereira, Pasto, Barranquilla, among others. Maps of tourist routes in Colombia Colombia is a country so diverse in its culture, its geography and history that can offer unique and authentic tourism experiences. Information on a wide variety of tourist services in Colombia including hotels, restaurants and embassies.

Map of Colombia with its limits.

map of routes of Colombia

map of routes of Colombia

On the map of Colombia with its limits, it is the geographical and political location of Colombia. You can see the various provinces, the provincial capital and the cities of the Republic of Colombia, such as Santa Rita, Amazonas, Bolívar, Atlantic and Cauca, Turbo, El Encanto, Puerto Bolivar are some cities of Colombia. Map of Colombia with its limits, google map of Colombia, geographical map of Colombia, mountains, valleys, Colombia location in the world. Here you you will find all about.

Map of highways in Colombia. Distance between cities in Colombia.

List and calculate distance from  major cities of Colombia-

Bogota to Cali    300 km
Medellin to Barranquilla 531 km
Cartagena to Cucuta 432 km
Bucaramanga to Pereira 384 km
Santa Marta to Ibague 765 km
Pasto to Manizales 471 km
Neiva to Villavicencio 228 km
Armenia to Valledupar 711 km
Monteria to Sincelejo 82 km
Popayan to Florencia 145 km
Tunja to Riohacha 670 km
Quibdo to Arauca 670 km
Yopal to San Andres 1301 km
Leticia to San Jose del Guaviare 812 km

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