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Map of Spain by provinces and capitals. The provinces and their capitals are shown in the following map of Spain.

Map of Spain by provinces – road map of Spain

Map of Spain by provinces.

It is located on the map each of the provinces of Spain. discover its history, places of interest, economy, and gastronomy. Map with all the provinces of Spain with their capitals. Map of provinces and autonomous regions of Spain. All these entities enjoy autonomy for the management of their respective interests.

Street where you will find the main cities and towns of Spain sets.   Roads, maps, itineraries, routes. Calculates the route with the map of highways of Spain. Plan your trip with a map of roads in Spain.

In the road map of Spain ' you can find:

  • National, secondary roads and location of peoples and all the provinces.
  • Walking routes, routes by car, street.
  • Map of Spain by provinces.
  • List of toll in Spain.
  • Map of free highways, toll roads and other roads of the peninsular Spain

Tourist map of Spain: what to see in Spain

The road network in Spain is, 166.284 kilometres, across this network, 15.048 km correspond to large capacity (highways and toll roads, free) roads. Thus, Spain is today the country in Europe with greater length of this kind of way. Behind Germany, with 12.917, and France, are placed with 11.465 km (2012-2013 data). Where would you like to go? Locate on map what you want to see in Spain

Map of Spain by provinces

In this map of Spain by provinces, you will find communities and autonomous cities. Map of the provinces of Spain and map of Spain and Portugal in the following map of Spain are the provinces and their capitals. Map of Spain provinces communities and autonomous cities of Spain, map of Spain is divided, administratively, in 17 regions (autonomous communities) and 2 autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla.

Map of Spain by communities.

The regions of Spain, with a description of routes, cities, provinces and destinations… Please choose your destination on the map map of Spain by provinces

Map of Spain.

Map of Spain. Autonomous communities, provinces and capitals. The following map of Spain the autonomous communities (subdivided into provinces) and their capitals shows).

Map of Spain with cities.

Spain map, maps and plans of city Spain. With the map of Spain with cities, you can see the location of the cities most important of Spain.

Distances between cities of Spain

Distances between cities of Spain, calculates the time and distance between the main Spanish cities. Table of distances by car between cities

Distance from Madrid:

Distance Madrid – Barcelona 619 km distance Madrid – Valencia 358 km distance Madrid – Seville 533 km distance Madrid – Bilbao 398 km distance Madrid – Malaga 537 km distance Madrid – Asturias 455 km away Madrid – Alicante 433 km distance Madrid – Murcia 411 km distance Madrid – Zaragoza 318 km distance Madrid – Vigo 591 km distance Madrid – Cádiz 655 km distance Madrid – Mallorca 735 km away Madrid – Granada 427 km distance Madrid – Tarragona 549 km distance Madrid – San Sebastian 453 km distance Madrid – A Coruña 592 km distance Madrid – Castellón 424 km

Tourist map of Spain

Map of Spain and Portugal

Map of Spain Portugal, is the provinces, cities and major peoples of the Iberian peninsula, with a map of roads in the two countries. Map of Spain and Portugal with street search and roads, satellite images of all the provinces, cities and towns. . Discover the best roads of access to Portugal from Spain and the types of tolls you'll find on the roads. Map of Spain by provinces • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes